Walking, As I Do…

Walking, As I Do...


A Cool Wind Blows…

A cool wind blows
Along the shore
Numbing the thoughts
Levelling the score

Each of us has
Our own unique challenges
Battles are raged
As we instil the changes

Throughout our lives
We seek to improve
In every way
To find our groove

Battle hardened
Battle weary
We carry on…
Sometimes a little teary

Keep the faith
Things are getting better
We’ve all begun
To write that new chapter!


Written by David Johnson
February 2016


© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2016

Like Thin, Fine Curtains…

Like thin, fine curtains
Blowing in the wind
The rain, it sweeps
Then begins to rescind

Refreshing water
Gives life to below
New beginnings
Life starts to flow

A ripple in a pond
Frequency bestowed
Below the surface
Activity explodes

Earth enriched
A beauty so unique
Tranquility there
For all to seek

Written by David Johnson
26 July 2015

© CommunicatingCtreatively/David Johnson 2015