Relief! 3


Eye Of The Storm

The ship approaches
The eye of the storm
Captain spins the wheel
Sharply to port

The wind is howling
Ripping over the ship
As the Captain and crew
Try to give the storm the slip

Waves are getting higher
The sea salt so strong
As the ship continues to
Disappear into the throng

Belted and buffeted
The ship sails on
Prizing itself
From the battle, just won

The waters are calm now
Minds are at rest
As the ship won the battle
Of Mother Nature’s fine test!


Written by David Johnson
January 2016


© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2016

Remnants Of Life

Riding along the highway
Desert clouds loom

Out from the horizon
Hear the thunder boom!

Rain, it falls
Like sheets of glass

Tearing across
Long dried out grass

Ghostly calls are heard
Long borne in strife

Clamouring for attention
Mere remnants of life

Rising from the Earth
Those next in line

Continue their journey
An infinite paradigm…


Written by David Johnson

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2015

Like Thin, Fine Curtains…

Like thin, fine curtains
Blowing in the wind
The rain, it sweeps
Then begins to rescind

Refreshing water
Gives life to below
New beginnings
Life starts to flow

A ripple in a pond
Frequency bestowed
Below the surface
Activity explodes

Earth enriched
A beauty so unique
Tranquility there
For all to seek

Written by David Johnson
26 July 2015

© CommunicatingCtreatively/David Johnson 2015