Mercy Of The Tide

Mercy Of The Tide



Mist, like a veil
Sprays over the bow
As the ship surges forward
Into the sea it ploughs

The Sailors seek guidance
In the darkness of the night
As the Moon hangs in the sky
A great ball of light

Guiding their ship
Past any danger that lurks
On this important voyage
Through Nature’s network

The crests of the waves
Sparkle and shimmer
Against the canvas of the ocean
That barely raises a glimmer

Onward they travel
Toward their destination
Full of confidence
With great anticipation!


Written by David Johnson
January 2016


© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2016


Create a world
That is your own
A place with feeling
Where one can go

In one’s mind
In one’s Heart
A place to escape to
A place to create Art

That place exists
Within your mind
It is a place
Where you can unwind

Unwind enough
For you to create
That statement that
You want to make

Create and be free
In all that you do
Create that Art
That makes you, you!

Written by David Johnson
January 2016

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2016

The Journey Has Begun…

As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed looking at Art, particularly Paintings.

Many hours have been spent visiting Art Galleries, viewing books, magazines on Art and Art images on the Internet. I love investigating the different Styles and Movements that have (& are being created).

Prior to 2010 I hadn’t really given much thought to actually picking up a brush, except that I thought I might ‘have a go’ when I retired. ‘Out of the blue’ I decided to take a 6 week drawing course at a small Art Gallery about half an hour from home.

I learnt there that I (apparently) draw by line instead of tone and had a wonderful time drawing on A5 to A2 paper using Graphite pencil and Charcoal on subjects such as Architecture, Head & Shoulder Life Portraits and Nature.

It was after the Drawing course that I started to get interested in actually trying my hand at painting. I started playing around with Watercolour. At this point I did not even realise that Watercolour is considered to be the hardest medium. From there I ventured onto Acrylic and enjoyed playing with that, though after talking to the owner of a local Art store I decided to try Oil painting.

I am enjoying Oil painting immensely! I have not had any lessons at this point in time, just tips from my Brother, my Mother-In-Law and a couple of friends. Other influences are the copious amounts of Art books I borrow from the local library, magazines and You Tube videos.

At some point I do intend having some official lessons but for the moment I am enjoying exploring, experimenting and having fun. Sometimes I try to paint from a reference photo and other times from my imagination. I think the latter is my favourite.

Oil painting has become another ‘escape’ for me, much like the other forms of communication found in this blog. It allows me to leave ‘reality’ and it refreshes me.

Sometimes, I can vividly see the scenes that I would like to create via painting, but my technical skill is a fair way behind where it needs to be to be able to replicate what I see in my mind. In time I hope it catches up! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the place I am at and look forward to the journey of self-discovery and learning.

Here are a few examples of of my paintings thus far…

Written by David Johnson
30 August 2015

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