‘Photography Of The Age’ – Newspaper Photography In Australia

The title of this article comes from a photographic book I purchased some years ago. It’s about Newspaper photography within Australia, highlighting the 22 photographers who shot for ‘The Age’ Newspaper in Victoria. The book was published in 1993. It is compiled by Kathleen Whelan, Photographer, who has a Masters Degree in Education and whose […]

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Inspirations… Photography

Whenever we have an interest, be it in Art, Sport, Work or in another area of Life, there are people that will inspire you. Over time I will be highlighting the men, women and groups that have (or still do) inspire me. I begin with one of my favourite photographers, Margaret Bourke-White: (1904 – 1971) Margaret […]

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The Joy Of Instagram

Before the dawn of Smartphones and apps like Instagram, we photographers always liked to carry a camera with us for a high percentage of the time, be it your SLR camera or a compact of some description. The reason was simple. You never know what you would come across during your day and you certainly […]

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