Public Speaking In Your Pocket!

Back in 1986 I joined Campbelltown Camera Club (now known as Macarthur Photographic Society). After 4 years there I was asked if wanted to present a talk on ‘Close-Up & Still-Life’ Photography. Apart from a basic Presentation Skills course, I had never done any Public Speaking courses. Over time, I did some other Camera Club presentations […]

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Styles, Schools and Movements

One of my favourite books on my Art shelf is “Styles, Schools and Movements” The Essential Encyclopaedic Guide to Modern Art by Amy Dempsey. Commencing with Art in 1860 to the present day, it explores 100 styles, schools and movements in depth and contains a brief description of 200 more. Each chapter includes a headlining […]

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Inspirations… Photography

Whenever we have an interest, be it in Art, Sport, Work or in another area of Life, there are people that will inspire you. Over time I will be highlighting the men, women and groups that have (or still do) inspire me. I begin with one of my favourite photographers, Margaret Bourke-White: (1904 – 1971) Margaret […]

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When The Student Is Ready…

We’ve probably all heard that quote, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…’ Over the years (being the Library addict I am) I sought out different books on the subject of Writing, as I kept thinking that I would like to write someday. Time always seemed the enemy, though perhaps it was not […]

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The Book-Lover!

Sitting under a tree Engrossed in a book The world passes by No need to look Within your world You are at peace Happy as can be It’s your release Alone with a book Is such sweet pleasure As you uncover all Its Earthly treasure Sometimes fiction Sometimes reference You need to choose It’s your […]

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