The Human Spirit

It is a pleasant surprise when reading the news, to come across a ‘good news’ story, because as we know ’The News’ is often filled with depressing stories, fact and opinion. For some time now, I’ve been accessing my News via ‘Google News’, which allows me to set up filters on things that I am […]

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Styles, Schools and Movements

One of my favourite books on my Art shelf is “Styles, Schools and Movements” The Essential Encyclopaedic Guide to Modern Art by Amy Dempsey. Commencing with Art in 1860 to the present day, it explores 100 styles, schools and movements in depth and contains a brief description of 200 more. Each chapter includes a headlining […]

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Declutter & Re-Fuel!

Look at this mess! I’m feeling drained! Do either of the above thoughts ever go through your mind? It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, run a business, work a job or are retired, there comes a point where certain aspects in your life get cluttered or you get close to burning out, or […]

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Viewing Life

Back in the year 2000, my wife and I were touring around southern NSW and visited (among other places), Yarrangobilly Caves. They are but one of a number of beautiful examples of limestone caves here in Australia. We received a guided tour that day and apart from the memory of the caves, I remember a […]

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“Solitary Moments”

This blog post is inspired by a Photography Exhibition I went to today. The Exhibition featured the images of Chris Donaldson, Frank Alvaro, Ray Finneran, Enrico Scotece and Paul Dorahy, three of whom I have known personally for many years. They specialise in Medium Format Monochrome Film Photography, and develop and print their own images. […]

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It’s A No Brainer Really…

It is a ‘no-brainer’ really. At age 53 you would have thought that I would have realised this before now. The quality of sleep affects your productivity. Very simple. I knew this before today but was not very good in practising it. All sorts of things and reasons stood in the way. In my earlier […]

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