The Human Spirit

It is a pleasant surprise when reading the news, to come across a ‘good news’ story, because as we know ’The News’ is often filled with depressing stories, fact and opinion. For some time now, I’ve been accessing my News via ‘Google News’, which allows me to set up filters on things that I am […]

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Where Is The Mystery?

When I first started photographing seriously (early 80’s), one of the attractions of photography was the mystery of how one would be able to achieve the image. In this instance I am talking about the technical process rather than the imaginative one that is connected with the idea or desire to portray a subject/emotion. It […]

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The Journey Has Begun…

As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed looking at Art, particularly Paintings. Many hours have been spent visiting Art Galleries, viewing books, magazines on Art and Art images on the Internet. I love investigating the different Styles and Movements that have (& are being created). Prior to 2010 I hadn’t really given much thought […]

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Hi, I’m David Johnson and I have a passion for expressing myself creatively. I love to observe the world and then, love to endeavour to communicate what I see via mediums I find fun! Welcome to my NEW Blog! In 2013 I started 2 Blogs on WordPress: – Photography – Poetry/Writing Photography: Started […]

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