Mist, like a veil Sprays over the bow As the ship surges forward Into the sea it ploughs The Sailors seek guidance In the darkness of the night As the Moon hangs in the sky A great ball of light Guiding their ship Past any danger that lurks On this important voyage Through Nature’s network […]

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Create a world
That is your own
A place with feeling
Where one can go

In one’s mind
In one’s Heart
A place to escape to
A place to create Art

That place exists
Within your mind
It is a place
Where you can unwind

Unwind enough
For you to create
That statement that
You want to make

Create and be free
In all that you do
Create that Art
That makes you, you!

Written by David Johnson
January 2016

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2016

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Eye Of The Storm

The ship approaches The eye of the storm Captain spins the wheel Sharply to port The wind is howling Ripping over the ship As the Captain and crew Try to give the storm the slip Waves are getting higher The sea salt so strong As the ship continues to Disappear into the throng Belted and […]

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Raise The Bar

Review your goals Raise the bar Look to the future You’ll see from afar Roll up those sleeves Dig right in Look at that dream And start to begin In no time at all You’ll be on the road Moving forward Instead of being towed That mental check-up You gave to yourself Was the key […]

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Sit And Listen

Sit and listen What do you hear? I hear the sound Of a New Year! A New Year that brings Promise, excitement and cheer Opportunities abound To all those who are near It’s time to let go Of all those fears Work hard for your goals Be sincere Achieve your dreams Make it your year! […]

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