From This Well, So Deep

Saturday mornings Are a treat No Facebook, no Instagram Or desire to Tweet Coffee on a table Pen and paper in hand Mind can be creative Believe me, that’s grand Delving into the mind Can certainly reveal Many, many thoughts That do appeal Write and write From this well, so deep Cherished thoughts From this […]

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Contemplative Will

Contemplative moves Contemplating self The players deny Any offers of help Locked in a battle Of wits with a friend Two players duel And contemplate the end Strategies imparted Strategies rebuked This day’s win Will be no fluke Eye contact minimal Nothing is given away Piece for piece traded Nothing stands in their way All […]

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The Idea

As a new bud blooms An idea comes forth Into your mind What is it worth? Worth it’s weight In Gold, we think Scooped from the well From which we drink Nurturing that idea Along the way Dodging naysayers Sidestepping the fray Honing our thoughts Testing it through Our idea grows It’s time is due […]

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‘Morning Pages’

Morning Pages Are a treat A chance for you To press ‘delete’ Stream of consciousness Is the goal Writing from within The deepest of Souls Clearing the mind Is what it achieves Wearing your Heart On it’s sleeve At the conclusion Pen and paper retired Your brain is now So unwired Free to create Without […]

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Inspirations – Photography: Duane Michals b.1932

Duane Michal’s Art has, throughout his photographic life been met with controversy as he has a non-conformist view of photography. “The Joy Of Photography Volume 2” indicates that his chief inspiration was Surrealism. The Surrealistic Painters, he said, ‘always contradict people’s assumptions, whilst photographers never do.’ Duane Michals often attempted to ‘play with people’s minds’ […]

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Into The Distance

Into the distance Our mind forecasts Better things Than in times past Working hard Change the tune Thinking smart Toward that fortune Restless Spirit Needs reassuring Imagination Quite alluring Focus required Plans in place Steady as she goes Still in the race! Written by David Johnson © CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2015

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