Your Creative Journey

As an Artist, (whether you are a painter, photographer, musician, speaker, sculptor or any kind of visual artist) you must continue to feed your mind, ask questions of the world and ponder. Your Art is your attempt to answer those questions and in doing so you can add your flavour to society.

So how do you feed your mind?

* Reading books and other literature
* Attending Exhibitions (not just the Art you like either)
* Watching movies, documentaries and other media
* Attending lectures and presentations
* Getting together with your peers or Artists outside your realm
* Go outside your comfort zone
* Attending workshops
* Spending time contemplating about your style, about your world

Experiencing that which is outside your realm of interest is important as well. This has the effect of stretching your world-view and opens your mind to other possibilities. Your feelings about this may reveal to you a new way of seeing ‘the old’ which then will translate into your Art.

Why do all this?

You are a product of your environment. You have been subjected to different influences (chosen or otherwise). You have beliefs and your own thoughts.

Like any endeavour, you will want to grow and evolve, communicate through expressions of your Art.

The world wants to see what and how you feel about things. The world wants to see your flavour, a flavour that can help grow the world into news ways of appreciation and seeing.

The world is waiting…just waiting for you to inspire us!

Written by David Johnson
31 July 2015


The Book-Lover!

Sitting under a tree
Engrossed in a book
The world passes by
No need to look

Within your world
You are at peace
Happy as can be
It’s your release

Alone with a book
Is such sweet pleasure
As you uncover all
Its Earthly treasure

Sometimes fiction
Sometimes reference
You need to choose
It’s your very own preference

With each page
Your mind is fed
Your life enhanced
And your Heart is led

Turning each page
Leads you to uncover
The very thing
That makes you a book-lover!

Written by David Johnson

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2015

Long, Sought After Feeling

That long sought after feeling
Drifts right on to

My infinite consciousness
And hangs onto

My mind is inviting
That feeling to stay

Otherwise that feeling
Would simply, drift away

Experiencing this feeling
Sets my mind alive

Gives me new hope
Taking life in my stride

As I set forth into the future
Carrying that feeling with glee

The future is bright
For I can be me!

Written by David Johnson

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2015

Like Thin, Fine Curtains…

Like thin, fine curtains
Blowing in the wind
The rain, it sweeps
Then begins to rescind

Refreshing water
Gives life to below
New beginnings
Life starts to flow

A ripple in a pond
Frequency bestowed
Below the surface
Activity explodes

Earth enriched
A beauty so unique
Tranquility there
For all to seek

Written by David Johnson
26 July 2015

© CommunicatingCtreatively/David Johnson 2015

An Unexpected Experience

Last night, my wife, Susan & I attended the ‘Youth Solutions Winter Wonderland Charity Ball.’ Youth Solutions is a is a youth drug & alcohol prevention and health promotion charity, working with young people in Macarthur and Wingecarribee areas SW of Sydney, Australia.

As with any such event as this, there was entertainment, a Soloist and a ‘groovy’ Rock ’n’ Roll band and they took it in turns to serenade and have the ‘joint jumping.’

As the Entree was being served, youth & young adult dancers from a local dance studio, ‘De Hall Dance’ took to the floor and over the following 20 minutes or so championed the activity of Ballroom dancing and also danced to some more modern moves. (20 years ago I had attended two Beginner dancing programs at the studio and the dancers brought back some great memories).

As I sat and watched the dancers seemingly glide around the floor, thoughts came to my mind about Dad (who passed away in January this year, aged 85). Dad loved to dance and could dance well, particularly in his younger days. Mum loved to dance as well.

Indeed, Mum and Dad met at a dance hall in their early 20’s c1950. They (particularly Dad) had expressed to us all what fun the dance halls were back then. Stories of great times with friends, laughter and of course, lots of dancing.

I began to see a young Mum & Dad dancing on the floor last night, and as I imagined this, tears formed in my eyes (like is happening again now…).

We cannot feel what they felt as they danced together with love blooming all those years ago but it was enough to carry them through 63 years of Marriage, 5 children and 2 grand-children.

“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon.”
— Edward Lear

Yes indeed.

Written by David Johnson
26 July 2015

Dad & Mum 8 December 1951