Your Creative Journey

As an Artist, (whether you are a painter, photographer, musician, speaker, sculptor or any kind of visual artist) you must continue to feed your mind, ask questions of the world and ponder. Your Art is your attempt to answer those questions and in doing so you can add your flavour to society. So how do […]

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The Book-Lover!

Sitting under a tree Engrossed in a book The world passes by No need to look Within your world You are at peace Happy as can be It’s your release Alone with a book Is such sweet pleasure As you uncover all Its Earthly treasure Sometimes fiction Sometimes reference You need to choose It’s your […]

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Long, Sought After Feeling

That long sought after feeling Drifts right on to My infinite consciousness And hangs onto My mind is inviting That feeling to stay Otherwise that feeling Would simply, drift away Experiencing this feeling Sets my mind alive Gives me new hope Taking life in my stride As I set forth into the future Carrying that […]

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Like Thin, Fine Curtains…

Like thin, fine curtains Blowing in the wind The rain, it sweeps Then begins to rescind Refreshing water Gives life to below New beginnings Life starts to flow A ripple in a pond Frequency bestowed Below the surface Activity explodes Earth enriched A beauty so unique Tranquility there For all to seek Written by David […]

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An Unexpected Experience

Last night, my wife, Susan & I attended the ‘Youth Solutions Winter Wonderland Charity Ball.’ Youth Solutions is a is a youth drug & alcohol prevention and health promotion charity, working with young people in Macarthur and Wingecarribee areas SW of Sydney, Australia. As with any such event as this, there was entertainment, a Soloist […]

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